Comfrey Caps (60)

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Broken bones? Comfrey has the unique ability, to accelerate healing of broken bones, it can heal tissues in record time, and prevent the formation of scar tissue.

We discovered the amazing ability to heal bones significantly faster than usual when Neil, the owner of Caring Candies, broke 14 bones in his body following a crash during a Motorcross Race. His Orthopaedic Surgeon was gobsmacked at how quickly his bones knit together!

The fabulous action of Comfrey is due to a substance called Allantoin, which is found in the leaf and root of the plant. Allantoin also occurs naturally within the body. It has the amazing ability to stimulate cell growth in connective tissue (our ligaments and muscles), bone and cartilage. Injuries heal more quickly and have less chance of scar tissue forming.

It is also wonderful for healthy skin!

Can safely be used by pregnant and lactating women.

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