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Our site offers the Caring Candies-branded products, which we manufacture, as well as Other Brands, which complement and service our target market's Healthy "No Nasty Stuff" Lifestyle.

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Buy, Purchase or Order the Banting 7 Day Mealplans B7DMP Recipe book 100 of the Facebook Group's favourite recipes, tips, tricks, and budget banting. Worldwide and international Shipping
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Banting 7 Day Mealplans Book

256 pages of Budget-friendly Banting Tips, Tricks, Mealplans, and 100 Simple, easy-to-prepare Recipes! View ALL Products | Help | Register | Login

Theron's Comfrey for mending and healing of broken bones
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Comfrey Caps (60)

Broken bones? Comfrey has the unique ability, to accelerate healing of broken bones, it can heal tissues in record time, and prevent the formation ...

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Theron's Comfrey cream, which is great for healing sore inflamed skin conditions
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Comfrey Cream (100ml)

This Comfrey Cream is FREE FROM Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and is wonderful for healing and soothing several skin conditions as it can heal tissues in...

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