About Us

 Tim Noakes, Founder of the Banting Diet in South Africa, with the Owners of Caring CandiesCaring Candies were invited to ISM to introduce their sugarfree candies and chocolates to international confectionery buyers in 2018 Neil met Father Christmas aka Santa Clause at the All Candy Expo in Chicago

Caring Candies were developed in 2003 by my husband, Neil and I (Denise), a Cape Town-based couple with two young children, and out of sheer desperation at the lack of healthy treats available in our country.

At the time Neil was working as an Accountant and I ran my own web design business. After consulting with a local Homeopath, I was put onto a strict diet, which excluded (among other things) sugar.

All the sugar free products on the market were full of synthetic ingredients like artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants and preservatives and caused me to have heart palpitations.


Who can enjoy Caring Candies?

Absolutely EVERYBODY including individuals with common allergies, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Diabetes, Autism, Slimmers, and the Health Conscious. Our Candies are also ideal for those following a Paleo, Tim Noakes LCHF, or Banting lifestyle.

Did you know that Caring Candies were the "Featured Business of the Week" on KFM94.5 when Banting just started to become popular? Listen to our interview here

We're up to our elbows in yummy chocolate!

In 2009 we began developing the most unbelievable sucrose-free real milk diabetic-friendly chocolate. Our 10-year old son, who was visiting our factory during the school holidays, came up with the novel idea to crush our peppermint and toffee bonbons and sprinkle them into the chocolate - and thus our FRESH MINT and TOFFEE CRUNCH chocolates were born.

Since then, we have expanded our chocolate range to include two variants of 70% Dark Sugar-free chocolate. We crush up our Sour Cherry flavoured bonbons and our Peppermint flavoured bonbons and sprinkle them into the chocolate and that is how we make our 70% Dark with Sour Cherry Crunch and 70% Dark with Mint Crunch chocolate bars.

Oh, and did we mention they are Dairy-free and Vegan-friendly?!?

Help! We need bigger premises

In May 2008 we moved into factory premises in Montague Gardens and within 4 months, had outgrown it. In December 2008 we moved into much larger factory premises in Montague Gardens. In December 2012 we purchased our own larger factory premises in Montague Gardens, renovated it and moved in in January 2013.

Neil met Santa Clause

Did you know Santa Clause was Diabetic? Neither did we!!

We were invited to exhibit our candies at the All Candy Expo in Chicago in June 2005 and were so surprised when Santa Clause came over to introduce himself and have a chat.

He told Neil that he was 400 years old and that his father also had diabetes and then he gave Neil his business card, which mysteriously disappeared again the next time Neil looked for it.