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Info for Resellers and Wholesalers

On Registration, you will be asked to provide a Vat Registration No. If you are not Vat Registered, you may be contacted by us via email requesting your CK Registration Number; or a photo of your business card. This is to ensure that only "legitimate" Retailers register in this group.

Please note that this site offers not only the Caring Candies-branded products, which we manufacture, but it also offers Other Brands, which complement and service our target market's Healthy "No Nasty Stuff" Lifestyle.
All these products are also sugarfree, glutenfree, have no artificial ingredients, and are very low in carbs.

Retailers/Wholesalers are offered discounted pricing on the BULK SAVINGS Caring Candies-branded products only.
We cannot offer you discounted pricing on the "other brands" as we, too, are simply Retailers for those products.
There are, however, no Minimum Order Quantities for these brands so use us to try out new products for your store.

You will only be able to view the discounted pricing after you have registered and Logged In.
    If you are a SPAR Store, do NOT register here, rather contact us and we will send you our manual order form. This is because this system is unable to calculate back-door delivery fees ;)