All-Natural Earthsap Waterless Toilet Seat Sanitizing Spray 100ml

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This All-Natural Waterless Toilet Seat Sanitizing Spray from Earthsap kills germs and helps to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic, using a natural formula that’s free of harsh synthetic chemicals. This makes it so much safer and healthier than ordinary disinfectants, both for your family and your environment. The compact spray bottle is ideal for travelling, so you can limit your family’s exposure to germs and bacteria in public restrooms as well. This is a truly ethical, eco-friendly cleaning product you can trust to keep your household naturally germ-free. 

Tea tree oil is one of nature’s most powerful germ killers, with antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties. This makes it a key ingredient in Earthsap’s toilet seat sanitizer spray. Citrus oil has also been used, both for its natural antiseptic properties and its fresh, clean fragrance. Earthsap Toilet Seat Sanitizer contains no petrochemicals, parabens, preservatives or harsh chemical ingredients. It’s 100% safe to use in your family’s home, plus it’s biodegradable and won’t harm the environment in any way.


Simply spray directly onto the toilet seat and allow to dry before use.


Water, alcohol, tea tree oil, citrus oil, lavender essential oil.

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