Monster Vanishing Aromatherapy Spray

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Are your kids frightened of the dark or monsters in their cupboards? Arm them with Monster Vanishing Spray to banish those nasty monsters for good!

Only the highest quality ingredients (organic where possible) are sourced for our Monster Vanishing Spray. There are no petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals in our spray and none of the ingredients are tested on animals. It is also safe to use during pregnancy.

Monster Vanishing Spray contains Lavender, Neroli, Madarin and Chamomile oil. Lavender's primary action is for normalizing and balancing so it is good for people who are hysterical, moody or tense. It clears the mind, promotes sleep and helps with restlessness.

Neroli blends well with lavender and all other citrus oils. It calms and slows the mind especially in fearful people. It is also a relaxant.

Mandarin blends well with both lavender and neroli. It is uplifting and helps with insomnia.

And then we have our secret ingredient ...... the one that makes the scary monsters disappear into thin air but that's top secret, just remember to shake the bottle and read your child the special directions before starting your Monster Vanishing mission. It is also a children's remedy as it helps with tummy upsets, burps and hiccoughs. A lovely gentle oil. Chamomile aids in times of tension, fear and stress by promoting relaxation. It is particularly helpful where the stress or anxiety cause a person to be fretful, irritable or nervous.

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