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Help with Registering, Editing, and Logging into your Account

Why is it important to register in the correct Customer Group? | I'm a Private Customer  |  I'm a Reseller/Wholesaler  |  I'm an International Customer  |    |  Help! I Chose the Wrong Customer Group!  |  How do I Log into my Account?  |  Help! I’ve Forgotten my Password  | How do I Edit My Account Details?

Help with Ordering, Payments and Checking Out

Adding Products to your Cart  |  Viewing your Shopping Cart  |  Specifying your Shipping Address  |  Shipping Options  | Payment Options | How do I know if my Order has gone through?

 Help with Deliveries and Tracking Orders

What are the Delivery Options and Costs for South Africa?  |  What are the Shipping Options and Costs for International Deliveries?  | How do I track the status of my Delivery?

Ingredients, Carbs, Calories, Etc.

Are the Caring Candies Hard Candies and Chocolates Kosher and Halaal?  | Are the Caring Candies Hard Candies and Chocolates Vegan friendly?Why do some people get a runny tummy from sugar-free products?  |  What is the difference between Total Carbohydrates, Glycaemic Carbohydrates, Available Carbohydrates, or Net Carbohydrates?  |  Are the Calories of Isomalt, Xylitol, Erythritol, or Maltitol the same as sugar?  |   Our Caring Candies Chocolate Ingredients and AllergensWhy are some chocolates labelled SUCROSE-FREE and some labelled SUGAR-FREE?  |  Help! My chocolate looks old and grey!  |  Our Caring Candies Hard Candy Ingredients and Allergens

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