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Chocolate: 30x50g | MILK with TOFFEE Crunch

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Suitable for Lacto-Vegetarians, Diabetics, those with ADD/ADHD, Coeliac Disease, the Health Conscious, and those following a No Added Sugar Gluten-free, Low Carb, Keto, Banting, Kosher or Halaal Lifestyle!

Our Caring Candies 50g No Added Sugar Milk with Toffee Crunch Chocolate bars have some of our sugar free Toffee-flavoured hard candies crushed up and sprinkled inside them. YUM!

INGREDIENTS: Maltitol (powdered)*, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla Flavouring, Caring Candies Crunch (Isomalt, Water, Toffee Flavouring, Natural Colouring [Aqueous Apple Extract]). ALLERGENS: Contains Cow's Milk. May contain traces of Tree Nuts and Soybeans from shared facilities. Allergen Control Program in place.

*Please note that maltitol comes in two variants - maltitol syrup, which has a high gi, and maltitol powder, which has a low gi. We naturally use the powdered maltitol with the lowest gi.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. If chocolate products become too warm the cocoa butter separates causing a white/greyish "bloom" on the surface. The chocolate is still perfectly safe to eat, but does not look as appetizing ;)

POSSIBLE LAXATIVE EFFECT: Sugar-free products work in the body like dietary fibre. For this reason, we recommend you limit yourself to around 25g (half a chocolate bar) per day in the beginning to avoid a possible laxative effect.

SHELF-LIFE: 1 year from date of manufacture.